About the Games

These games were created using MicroWorlds™, a product of Logo Computer Systems, Inc. In order to play them you will need one of the following:

A copy of MicroWorlds 2.0 for Macintosh or Windows 95. This will allow you to play the games and examine the Logo programs that make them work. You can make changes in our games and create your own.
A copy of the MicroWorlds Player. This is a limited version of MicroWorlds that allows you play the games, but you can't change them, look at the programs, or build your own projects.
A MicroWorlds Webplayer plug-in for you Internet browser. This is similar to the MicroWorlds Player, but allows you to use Netscape™ or Internet Explorer™ to play the games while on line. This plug-in is available for both Macintosh and Windows 95. Not all the games work properly with the Webplayer. This may be due to bugs in the games or in the Webplayer itself, especially on a Macintosh. Please report any problems you find by sending email to Michael Tempel.

The Player versions of MicroWorlds may be downloaded for free from LCSI's website. You can also get information there about purchasing a full version of MicroWorlds.

For more information about MicroWorlds and other versions of Logo visit the Logo Foundation website.

The Logo Foundation also offers workshops where you can learn to create games like these in your very own home or school!

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