MIT Yellow Brick Logo



MIT Yellow Brick Logo (MIT-YBL) is an implementation of the Logo language for the LEGO RCX Brick. MIT Yellow Brick Logo includes:

MIT Logo Blocks (MIT-LB) is a graphical version of MIT Yellow Brick Logo. Presently, MIT-LB is only available for the Macintosh.



MIT Yellow Brick Logo and MIT Logo Blocks are intended to be used by educators in a classroom or workshop format.

It is important that MIT-YBL and MIT-LB be used under the supervision of those who have a significant background in the use of the Logo language with children. Therefore, we have established the following requirements for the use of MIT-YBL and MIT-LB. You must either:

  1. Have five (5) years experience using Logo environments with children. (Examples of Logo environments include: LEGO tc logo, LEGO Control Lab, LCSI LogoWriter, and LSCI MicroWorlds.)

  2. Or, participate in a week-long intensive workshop in which MIT-YBL and MIT-LB are used.

If you do not fit into either of these categories, but believe you should be qualified to use MIT-YBL and MIT-LB, please contact us at


Usage Agreement

Please acknowledge the following conditions by which MIT Yellow Brick Logo and MIT Logo Blocks are made available to you:

  1. I understand that this software is distributed as part of a research agreement between the MIT Media Laboratory and LEGO Dacta. The purpose of this research is to (a) investigate the use of the Logo language in robotics control applications, and (b) build the community of educators using Logo in their classrooms.

    As part of this research, I agree to provide feedback to MIT and LEGO Dacta based on my use of this software.

  2. I verify that I will NOT redistribute this software under any conditions. If a colleague is interested in obtaining the software, I will have them contact MIT directly.

  3. I understand that LEGO Dacta does not provide technical support in using the MIT software. The MIT software is supported by MIT and a community of users; it is not presently supported by LEGO Dacta.


I agree with all of the above conditions;
please take me to the Usage Agreement Page:

  • Working in USA
  • Working outside USA


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