Volume 9 Number 1 - Winter 2001

Logo Events

Logo Summer Institutes 2001

New York City
June 25 - 29

Montrose Colorado
July 16 - 20

Des Moines, Iowa
August 6 - 10


Takayuki Tsuru, President of Logo Japan,visited the Logo Summer Institute held in New York City in June, 2000. He shared the Logo Robot Control Program, recently developed by Logo Japan to work with the RCX programmable brick from LEGO®

The Logo Summer Institutes are intensive workshops with an emphasis on constructionist, project-based learning. Personally meaningful projects provide the context for learning about Logo and computers as well as about the subject matter involved in the project.

The Institutes also serve as models of the teaching and learning environments that you might set up in your own home or school. The Logo Summer Institutes feature small class size with two or more facilitators, allowing for an individualized approach that accommodates both novices and experienced Logo users working on projects in many different areas: robotics, mathematics, language, simulation, animation, game design, and multimedia presentation. A variety of Logo software is available including MicroWorlds, Terrapin Logo, MSWLogo, and StarLogo. For robotics projects we use LEGO Mindstorms and Control Lab kits with a variety of software options.

Each Logo Summer Institute also includes recreation: hiking and rafting in Colorado, museum visits, ferry rides and walking tours in New York City.

In addition to the New York, Colorado and Iowa workshops, the Logo Foundation can arrange with you to run an Institute in your school or district as we did last summer for the Winsor School in Boston and the Valparaiso Community Schools in Indiana.

For more information about the Logo Summer Institutes, including registration forms click here or contact us by telephone, fax or mail:

Logo Foundation
250 West 85th Street
New York NY 10024
Telephone: 212 579 8028
Fax: 212 579 8013

Adventures in Modeling: A Workshop for Teacher Educators
June 18-30, 2001
Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Have you ever wondered how birds flock or traffic jams form? For thousands of years people–from DaVinci to Einstein–have created models to help them better understand patterns and processes in the world around them. Computers make it easier for novices to build and explore their own models–and learn new scientific ideas in the process. The Adventures in Modeling Workshop, co-sponsored by MIT Media Lab and the Santa Fe Institute, introduces teacher educators (including technology, math, and science coordinators, museum staff, professors of education, and professional developers) to the fundamentals of modeling complex, dynamic systems using StarLogo. After attending this workshop participants will be able to offer similar modeling workshops and courses at their own institutions.

The workshop for teacher educators will address the following issues:

  • How to teach a variety of learners to design, build and analyze models of complex, dynamic systems.
  • How to combine on- and off-computer activities to help people learn about scientific processes.
  • How to meaningfully integrate technology into science and math curricula.
  • How to include advances in research practices in classrooms.
  • How to leverage teachers’ work with models to impact the rest of their teaching.
  • How to structure activities so that teachers see themselves as learners.

Admission is by competitive application.
$250 Registration Fee, $500 Housing Fee

For more information contact:
Ginger Richardson
Santa Fe Institute
Email: grr@santafe.edu
505 984 8800

New York Logo Users Group

The final meeting of the New York Logo Users Group for the 2000 - 2001 school year will be held:

Thursday April 6, 2001
4:00 pm - 6:00 PM

Trinity School
101 West 91st Street
New York City

Project sharing
Announcements of upcoming Logo events
Planning Users Group meetings for the 2001-2002 school year

Teachers, students, parents and anyone interested in Logo should attend. Bring your Logo projects, ideas, and questions.

Thanks to Lan Heng of Ethical for hosting this meeting.

Click here for the latest information about NYLUG and other Logo Users Groups

Logosium 2001
Celebrating Logo's Second Millennium
Chicago June 24, 2001

The Ninth Annual Logosium is a day-long celebration of Logo programming and learning. ISTE's SIGLogo is looking for educators who are willing to share their expertise, student work, or ideas with colleagues at Logosium 2001. You can lead a hands-on workshop, present research findings, share classroom strategies, join a panel discussion, or moderate a brainstorming session. Presentations by kids are also welcome. Logosium is about creating a space in which we can all learn together.

Please participate. Logosium is an NECC Preconference Event. Register at: http://confreg.uoregon.edu/necc2001/

If you wish to lead a session send a one-page proposal by March 1, 2001 to:
Gary Stager
Pepperdine University
400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City CA 90230
fax: (310) 316-7334

EUROLOGO 01 A Turtle Odyssey
8th European Logo Conference
Linz, Austria
August 21 - 25 , 2001

EUROLOGO is a biannual scientific international conference that addresses all scientists, developers, and educators who develop, use or study all kinds of Logo or Logo-based software.

Investigations of other exploratory computational environments, classroom applications of Logo philosophy, and other innovative educational research and practices that are in touch with the Logo approach are also covered.

Abstracts of papers and proposals for workshops and tutorials are due January 31, 2001. For full information visit the EUROLOGO 01 web site at http://www.eurologo.org/eurologo2001 or write to:

Gerald Futschek
Salesianumweg 3
A-4020 Linz, AUSTRIA

Stonington Retreat 2001
This annual MicroWorlds and LEGO Logo workshop is held in Stonington, Maine. There will be two sessions: June 24 - 29 and July 8 - 13. For more information visit the Vision Education web site.