Logo Foundation Staff

Alissa Blumberg

BS in Elementary Education, University of Vermont, 1991

I attended the Logo Summer Institute as a classroom teacher in the early 90’s. My first project was an interactive alphabet book programmed in MicroWorlds for my Kindergarten students at the Spence School. From that point on I was hooked! I looked for every professional development opportunity to learn and grow with the emerging technology.

I am currently a STEAM teacher in the Lower School at Spence. Our curriculum fosters innovative, flexible and creative thinkers by engaging students in activities that require creativity, design, experimentation, problem solving and collaboration. I teach programming and robotics to students in grades 2-4 using Scratch, Lynx, Finch 2.0, LEGO SPIKE Essential and LEGO SPIKE Prime. Some of my favorite projects include physical computing with MaKey Makey and micro:bit  and converting student’s 2D images into 3D objects.