Websites and Forums

On this page we link to the websites of organizations and individuals that offer resources for teaching and learning Logo and related programming environments. Also look at our Software and Hardware page. Many of the developers and distributors listed there also provide documentation, support materials, libraries of projects, and user forums.

We also list websites on our Archive page that offer documents of historic interest, or are themselves of historic interest.

The MIT Media Lab

has been in the forefront of Logo research since its founding in 1985. This research, initially centered in the Epistemology and Learning group, is now carried out by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group. In the past work was also done in the Grassroots Invention Group, and the Future of Learning Group.


Scratch is a programming language and online community that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, games, animations, and simulations and share your creations online.


is an online community where Scratch educators share stories, exchange resources, ask questions, and meet people.

Scratch Day

is a worldwide network of gatherings, where people come together to meet other Scratchers, share projects and experiences, and learn more about Scratch. Use this website to find events in your area, for tips on hosting an event of your own, and posting your event of the website.

Dev Tech Research Group

The Dev Tech group at Tufts University aims to understand how new technologies can play a positive role in children's development and learning.  One of the group 's major projects is ScratchJr.

Scratch Foundation

is a nonprofit organization that supports projects to make coding more accessible and appealing for everyone -- and to change the way the world sees coding. It focuses especially on projects related to Scratch.


The Scheller Teacher Education Program at MIT prepares MIT students to teach mathematics or science in grades 5 to 12. The program also supports development of TaleBlazer and several versions of StarLogo.

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC)

is an introductory computer science curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley, intended for non-CS majors at the high school and college level. It uses Snap!, an extended re-implementation of Scratch.

Creative Computing Online Workshop

is a free online workshop for educators who want to learn more about using Scratch and supporting computational thinking in the classroom and other learning environments. Originally hosted over six-weeks from June 3 - July 12, 2013, resources and activities are available online for anyone to follow at their own pace.

The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling

at Northwestern University is dedicated to the creative use of technology to deepen learning. It is the home of NetLogo


an old forum for discussion, questions, and answers about traditional versions of Logo