The Foundation provides these resources to help foster your continued participation in discussions and use of Logo. If you know of additional resources that you believe we should add, please contact us.

Logo Foundation Publications

Logo Update, the Logo Foundation newsletter was published from 1993 - 2001 and is now available here.  We also publish papers on a variety of Logo-related topics.This collection dates from the mid-1980s to the present.

Logo Foundation publications are distributed with permission (and encouragement) to reproduce them for educational purposes provided that you do not charge for copies, and that you include the Logo Foundation copyright notice on them.

Logo-Related Websites and Forums

Here we list forums and websites with resources for teaching and learning, along with other websites we believe are of interest to Logo-users. Also, many of the websites listed on the Software and Hardware page include extensive documentation, tutorials, libraries of projects, and user forums.

Software and Hardware

The Logo Foundation provides a list of Logo software along with links to web sites and email addresses of the publishers and distributors. Follow these links to obtain more information about these products, and about price and availability in your area. Public domain and research versions of Logo may be freely downloaded.

Logo has long been used to control mechanical turtles and other robotic devices. We provide information and links for sources of equipment and related software.


Here are pointers to selected Logo books on a range of topics. Many are out of print. but may be available in libraries or from online distributors. In a few cases, books have been made available online for free download.


Here are links to projects and collections of documents that are of historical interest. This archival material is on the Logo Foundation website and elsewhere. We also include pointers to websites that are themselves archives, currently inactive, but still live.