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Here are upcoming Logo Foundation workshops, conferences, and other events of interest.

This virtual immersion in creative computing is for K12 teachers, parents, and technology integrators. Explore coding in Scratch, Snap!, TurtleArt and other programming languages. Work with micro:bit, Finch, Hummingbird and other robotics and physical computing platforms as you design and build personally meaningful projects. Transform 2D designs into 3D objects via 3D printing, laser cutting and etching, and embroidery.

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Finch Robot

A workshop led by Tom Lauwers


Saturday, April 30, 2022, 10:00 am to noon EDT


Everywhere via Zoom

In this workshop you will train your computer to recognize patterns using Google Teachable Machine and your machine learning models. You will use these models in Snap! programs to control the Finch Robot.

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The 16th annual Robo Expo is starting now with a culminating Zoom event on Saturday, May 21st, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT

Robo Expo is an event for students of all ages, with a shared interest in robotics, to come together to pursue similar goals or express themselves uniquely. Participation in Robo Expo is open to schools, home school groups, clubs, and any children sponsored by an adult.

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