an immersion in creative computing for K12 teachers, parents, and technology integrators

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Online via Zoom

July 11-13, 2023

In-Person in New York City

July 18-20, 2023

The Best of Both Worlds

Beginning in 1980, the Logo Summer Institute was an annual immersion in creative computing held in locations across the USA and abroad. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was transformed into an online event for three years from 2020 through 2022. For 2023 we're reviving the in-person format, while preserving the advantages of the online approach. It will be the best of both worlds - two workshops a week apart. You may sign up for the online workshop, the in-person immersion, or both.

The Logo Summer Institute Online will offer a range of workshops, presentations and discussions in an individualized program that accommodates novices as well as more experienced participants, teachers of different subjects and all grade levels, those who teach in after-school programs and other informal settings as well as in classrooms. Some advantages we have found in the online format:

  • You can join from anywhere in the world
  • All sessions are recorded so you can review them at a later time
  • The scheduling is flexible. If you miss a session you can view the recording when convenient
  • There are many facilitators sharing their expertise in various areas of creative computing

The Logo Summer Institute In-Person will be an immersion in creative computing projects. Spend time developing one or more projects of personal and/or professional interest. The advantages of the in-person format include:

  • Close collaboration with colleagues on projects and curriculum design
  • Availability of a rich collection of materials and equipment, including stuff you may not have access to at home or in school, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and embroidery machines.
  • Working in an environment that can be a model of the classroom experience you will be offering your students

The Logo Summer Institute in both formats provides:

  • a project-based approach that supports computational thinking, and STEAM learning and teaching.
  • an individualized program that accommodates a wide range of personal and professional needs and interests.
  • experience in coding using Scratch, TurtleArt, ArtLogo, MakeCode, microblocks, Snap! and other programming languages.
  • Robotics and physical computing using a variety of platforms including micro:bit, Finch Robots, and Hummingbird kits

The Zoom recordings of the Online Logo Summer Institute sessions will be available within hours of each session and will remain available at least through the 2023-2024 school year. If you register for just the In-Person Logo Summer Institute you will also have access to these recordings.

Should you register for the Online or In-Person Logo Summer Institute, or both?
Here's some more information to help you decide.

The Logo Summer Institute approach is learner-centered. This means that we accommodate the interests, learning style, and needs of each participant so whatever your educational philosophy and teaching circumstances, your Logo Summer Institute experience will be tailored to your personal and professional requirements.


Scratch has a central role in the Logo Summer Institute. For novices it offers a comfortable introduction to computer programming, or "coding" as it is often called. Beyond that, it enables one to create significant projects including stories and reports, games, animations, multimedia presentations, and simulations based on personal interest and related to various curriculum areas.

The common thread in Logo Summer Institute activities and projects is creative computing – using technology to support the designing and building personally meaningful projects, and to explore powerful ideas. We use Scratch and other programming languages. For robotics and physical computing we use Finch, Hummingbird, micro:bit, and Makey Makey among other platforms. Some projects involve creating artifacts with 3D printing, laser cutting and etching, and embroidery.

Tom Lauwers of BirdBrain Technologies led remote programming sessions at the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Logo Summer Institutes. Finches and Hummingbird-based robots at the BirdBrain studio in Pittsburgh were programmed by workshop participants from their homes. This will happen again in the 2023 Logo Summer Institute. Also, you will be able to borrow a Finch Robot and a Hummingbird kit on free 60 day loan so you can work with them at home.

Workshop Leaders

The Logo Summer Institute facilitators are classroom teachers, professional development specialists and researchers  with extensive experience in creative computing and curriculum integration in grades K-12 and in all subject areas. Since the members of the team each have their own interests and areas of expertise, you will have support and guidance in a wide variety of project areas and technologies. Everyone on the team is fluent in Scratch and several other programming languages. Here's a partial list of the team members for 2023:

Facilitators for the Online Logo Summer Institute will include

The hosts for the In-Person Logo Summer Institute will be

Software and Hardware

We emphasize software and hardware that is accessible,  broadly useful, and well-supported. 

The basics:

Scratch - a widely used programming environment and online community suitable for students ages 8 and up.
Scratch Jr is a simplified version of Scratch for children ages 5 to 7
Snap! is an advanced version of Scratch with more programming features; suitable for high school and college level computer science courses.
and ArtLogo- The art of programming and the programming of art.
Makey Makey - a sensor board that allows you to have real-world inputs to your programs by connecting with everyday objects.
Hummingbird - a general purpose robotics platform suitable for a wide range of projects and usable with many programming languages.
Finch - a programmable robot suitable for PreK through college students
micro:bit - a low-cost microcontroller for physical computing projects. It is the heart of the Finch and Hummingbird.

Additional systems we use:

MakeCode and microBlocks are programming languages for micro:bit and Circuit Playground Express
VEX, LEGO WeDo, EV3, and Spike Prime are self-contained robotics packages
Arduino and Circuit Playground Express  are microcontrollers with capabilities similar to the micro:bit
LilyPad is a small microcontroller for sewable electronics
is a 3D turtle geometry programming language
is a programming environment that generates turtle geometry patterns for embroidery machines.
VexCodeVR and CoderZ are virtual robotics platforms  for controlling robots that live on your computer screen
GOFL (Good Old-Fashion Logo) including Lynx, Terrapin Logo, FMS Logo, UCB Logo, and others.

And new for 2023:
enables you to incorporate machine learning models into Scratch
is a new app for mobile phone from the creators of Scratch at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Also from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group we will have CoCo, a new platform built on Scratch that supports real-time co-creation and collaboration among people anywhere in the world.


For the past several years we have maintained the Logo Summer Institute Resources website. It includes software and hardware guides and tutorials, background readings, software downloads, curriculum ideas, and photos and videos from past Logo Summer Institutes. The site was created for participants in the Logo Summer Institutes, remains active after the workshop, and is public and open to all.

Who should attend?

Most people who attend the Logo Summer Institutes are elementary, middle school, and high school teachers, school or district technology coordinators, and technology integrators, but we have had people from all walks of life: scientists, engineers, graphic artists, college professors, computer programmers, and parents who are home schooling their children. We have also had young people attend along with a parent or teacher.


The 2023 Online Logo Summer Institute is a virtual workshop that you may attend from anywhere in the world.
The 2023 In-Person Logo Summer Institute will be hosted by the Spence School in New York City


The Online Logo Summer Institute has a flexible schedule, allowing you to manage other responsibilities. Sessions are scheduled for the mornings between 9:00 AM and 1:00 pm EDT. Some meetings will be intended for all participants, but for the most part, you will attend small-group sessions geared to your own needs and interests.  You will be able to determine which sessions to participate in and your own best schedule for working independently on your projects. Many sessions will be repeated so as to offer you more scheduling options. Sessions are recorded so if you miss one, you may view it at your convenience. These recordings will also remain available after the Logo Summer Institute ends for review as needed.

The In-Person Logo Summer Institute will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each of the three days.

What does it cost?

Online Logo Summer Institute July 11-13
- Regular registration:
$395 per person
- Returnee registration for people who have previously attended a Logo Summer Institute: $355 per person

In-Person Logo Summer Institute July 18-20
- Regular registration: $395 per person
- Returnee registration for people who have previously attended a Logo Summer Institute: $355 per person

The best of both worlds: Online Logo Summer Institute July 11-13 and
In-Person Logo Summer Institute July 18-20
-Discount registration: $695 per person

What do I get?

Online Logo Summer Institute
- Admission to all Zoom meetings during the workshop.
- Access to recordings of Zoom sessions. You can view any you missed and review ones you attended.
- Free loan of a Finch Robot and a Hummingbird robotics kit
- Access to online resources and support during the workshop and beyond
- Free registration for follow-up workshops during the 2023 - 2024 school year.

In-Person Logo Summer Institute
- Access to recordings of Zoom sessions from the Online Logo Summer Institute held the previous week.
- Free loan of a Finch Robot and a Hummingbird robotics kit.
- Access to a wide range of equipment and materials for physical computing and robotics.
- Access to online resources and support during the workshop and beyond
- Free registration for follow-up workshops during the 2023 - 2024 school year.

What if I need more information?

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Here's what some participants in previous Logo Summer Institutes had to say:*

This is the most personalized workshop I've ever been to. I love that the instructors were willing to go down any rabbit hole suggested by a participant.

This was the most productive professional development workshop I've attended. Valuable personal learning experience of skills that directly relates to classroom experience. Very excited to try these out next school year.

I thought it was a terrific workshop! I really learned a lot about how to use the technology. The facilitators were also great! They always were around to see how your project was going and offer great feedback on it, which was incredibly helpful :)

The level of individual attention I received was remarkable, considering the number of people in the class who were all working on complicated matters. I truly appreciated the patience, intense focus and time given by all the facilitators. Each facilitator was approachable and genuinely concerned that I learned the material.

All four instructors are AMAZING: patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, kind - all the aspects of a good teacher!! Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to be able to join next summer!!

I loved interacting with teachers from different grade levels. You get out of your vacuum and learn things you wouldn't think possible because of different perspectives.

It was delightful to have time to be immersed in a project. I also enjoyed working with such a creative group of people. Lots of fun!

Wonderful! I will be using what I learned! I feel very invigorated!

I liked the blend of focused mini-lessons with independent explorations.

I came with zero knowledge and going home with a truckload of new ideas. I am so excited to share these with my colleagues and students.

The differentiation of the technologies was brilliantly orchestrated when you consider the wide spread of experience levels.

All the facilitators that I worked with were amazing! A pleasure to work with and super helpful!

This was by far the best workshop I've ever been to.

I hope that I am not being hyperbolic in saying that I think this week has changed my life and will then indirectly change many other lives.

Awesome Workshop!!!

*comments taken from the evaluations that participants were asked to complete at the end of the Institute.