Logo Foundation Staff

Erik Nauman

BA in Elementary Education, George Washington University, 1991
MA in Educational Communications and Technology, New York University, 2011

I have been a Middle School Technology Coordinator and High School Computer Science Teacher at The Hewitt School since 2004.

I have been teaching in independent and public schools in grades K-12 since 1992 in Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Connecticut, and New York City. At The Hewitt School I've taught students to use RCX, NXT, Super Cricket, GoGo Board, Arduino, TETRIX, and Makey Makey robotics and physical computing platforms using Microworlds, Scratch, Logo, Arduino, Processing, RobotC, and Java. I've taught students to make games and animations using Scratch, Turtle Art, Processing, Storytelling Alice, JavaScript, and Python. During the past year I've been exploring 3D design and printing with projects such as student-designed hand-held game controllers for playing Scratch games, and 3D scanning with a Kinect, incorporated into art classes for sculptural modeling.

I think it is important for students to have opportunities to share their projects with communities outside of their schools, so I have taken students to participate in events like Robo Expo, Maker Faire, Science Olympiad, and Scratch Day.