Logo Foundation Staff

Lan Heng

BA in Arts, University of Malaysia, 1975
Diploma in Education, University of Malaysia, 1976
Master of Science in Education, Bank Street College of Education, 1989

I was first introduced to the desktop computer by my 7-year-old son. I was so intrigued that I immediately registered for an introductory computer course at Bank Street. Before coming to America with my family, I had been a middle and high school teacher in Malaysia. I never imagined that I would be teaching computing in elementary school and loving it!

I joined the Ethical Culture School in 1987 as a computer teacher, teaching mainly Logo programming and word processing to 4th, 5th and 6th grade students and teachers. I began programming robots with LEGO TC Logo and a mechanical turtle, and since then have used 3 generations of Lego Mindstorms, Pico Crickets, and WeDo Robotics. I have taught after-school robotics classes and directed summer computer camps. I coached the ECFS Robotics teams for participation in the First LEGO League tournaments where we won Robot Design and Team awards. Each year since 2005, I have been involved in organizing the New York City Robo-Expo. I collaborated with the science and shop teachers in my school and developed a simple machines and robotics project-based unit culminating in an annual school-wide exhibition. Programming, whether it be using MicroWorlds, Scratch, or Mindstorms, has been a major multimedia tool for my students to design, create, explore, and collaborate.

I am recently completed a one-year sabbatical leave and in this time have participated in Engineering is Elementary workshops and explored STEM initiatives in schools and organizations. I am also interested in exploring maker space learning environments and have been visiting schools and participating in maker activities.Since my return I have introduced engineering design challenges and Makerspace tools,  and developed STEAM projects to promote collaboration, integration of content, and innovation.  My non-professional interests are cooking, gardening, pottery, table tennis, walking with my dog, and traveling.