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Ryan Torbey

BS in Marketing & English, Tulane University, 2009
MA in Elementary Education, University of New Mexico 2013

I am a computer science education advocate and former technology teacher. I currently operate a consulting practice, Code in Common, aimed at helping teachers, schools, and districts deliver extraordinary computer science learning experiences.

Computer science education advocacy has been a huge focus of mine for the past couple of years. Energized by the national CS4ALL movement, a group of enthusiastic individuals, including myself, started an organization called CS4TX. Our aim with CS4TX is to expand computer science education in K-12 through advocacy, community engagement, and professional development. I currently manage the organization of a 500+ member Meetup group that serves as the nucleus of CS4TX's community engagement priority. In addition to my work with CS4TX, I serve locally as the President for the Central Texas chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and nationally as the chair of CSTA’s Advocacy Committee.

I have made it a priority of mine to support teachers in learning and teaching computer science. Through trainings given at a variety of regional and national conferences, I have introduced hundreds of teachers to drag-and-drop programming. My core belief is that every child should learn the fundamentals of computer science and coding. The only way this can happen, though, is to make sure that teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach these critical 21st century topics.

On a lighter note - when I’m not working or volunteering, I enjoy walking my dog, playing acoustic guitar, and running.