Seymour Papert: On Logo

In 1986 Seymour Papert, the "father of Logo," collaborated with award-winning filmmaker William Schwartz and Elizabeth Schwartz, who was Assistant Superintendent of the Ladue, Missouri School District, to produce Seymour Papert On Logo.

In this video series, Papert shares his vision of thinking, learning, and teaching in a computer culture, and also addresses technical issues about Logo and programming more generally. 

Seymour Papert On Logo offers a window into a time when computers and Logo had been in widespread use in schools for just a few years, while also delving into issues about computing and education that remain relevant today.

The 10 videos in the series are now being made available here on the Logo Foundation website for your personal and educational use under the terms of use specified below.

The Seymour Papert On Logo video series has two parts:

  • New Mindstorms focuses on the process and the principles of learning.
  • Logo Hurdles is about specific technical aspects of Logo.

An additional component, On LogoWriter, looks at that specific version of Logo, which was developed by Logo Computer Systems Inc (LCSI) and had just been released in 1985.

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New Mindstorms

    1. Resonances
    2. Teaching
    3. Thinking
    4. Styles


  1. Logo Grammar
  2. Names and Variables
  3. Images of Recursion
  4. Digging Deeper

On LogoWriter

  1. Tape 1
  2. Tape 2

A Study Guide was produced to accompany the Hurdles video tapes. It was intended to support individual study and to assist workshop leaders and course instructors. This publication is also being made available here:
Logo Grammar
Names and Variables
Images of Recursion
Digging Deeper

Terms of Use:
The On Logo and On LogoWriter videos and accompanying Study Guide are copyright Media Microworlds Inc. They are being made available here on the Logo Foundation website for personal and educational use only. Credits on the videos and print material must remain as originally configured. No fees may be charged for viewing or distribution. No advertisements may be attached to or superimposed on the video content without further permission.

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