Scratch Day @ The Computer School

December 10, 2016
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The Computer School
100 West 77th Street
New York City 

Scratch Days are for people of all ages; Scratch beginners and for those who have been Scratching for years.
  • Teachers, bring your students!
  • Parents, bring your children!
  • Children, bring your parents and teachers!
We had an exciting day of workshops on a variety of Scratch topics: music, art, games, animations, stories, and more:
  • Using Video in Scratch to Share Your Lightbulb Moments!
  • Storytelling through Game Design
  • Getting Started with Scratch Jr.
  • Mix and Match - Board Games and Scratch Games
  • Scratch, Cardboard, and FunkeyFunkey Musical Instruments
  • Game Creation with (Finch) Robots
  • Building Community Through Scratch and Math
  • Drawing Anime Animations in Scratch
  • Making a Two-Player Game
  • Get Creative with Coding
  • Scratch and Lightplay
  • Making Music with Scratch and MaKey MaKey

Scratch and LightPlay

Game Creation with Finch Robots

Getting Started with Scratch Jr

Get Creative with Coding

Click here for the full program

We ended Scratch Day with a raffle of some cool prizes.

Thanks to everyone who came to Scratch Day. Watch this space for news of future events.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

You can also look at the programs from Previous Scratch Days to get an idea of the kinds of workshops that have been done in the past.
And check the Scratch Day website for other events that are being held around the world.

Scratch Day Sponsors:

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