Seymour Papert
On Logo

In 1986 Seymour Papert, the "father of Logo," collaborated with award-winning filmmaker William Schwartz and Elizabeth Schwartz, who was Assistant Superintendent of the Ladue, Missouri School District, to produce Seymour Papert On Logo.

In this video series, Papert shares his vision of thinking, learning, and teaching in a computer culture, and also addresses technical issues about Logo and programming more generally. 



TurtleArt - From Digital to Physical

A workshop led by Hope Chafiian, Erik Nauman,  Josh Burker, Artemis Papert and Brian Silverman

For decades, turtle geometry designs have been viewed on computer displays, printed on paper, or drawn by a robot Turtle. In recent years new technologies have allowed a wider range of artistic expressions of turtle designs. These include 3D printed and laser cut objects, laser etched designs on wood, embroidered patterns, vinyl cutouts, and ceramic tiles crafted from turtle graphics images.
This workshop will be devoted to exploring these new possibilities in Turtle Art. We’ll demonstrate the process and look at the technical requirements for each methodology and discuss what types of designs are most appropriate for each technology.


Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:00 am to noon EST


Everywhere via Zoom


$15 per person
Free for people who participated in the 2020 Virtual Logo Summer Institute

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