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Logo began in 1967 and became widely used in schools starting around 1980 after years of research and development, primarily in the Logo Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Have a look at this early work, which remains very relevant today.

MIT Logo Memos

This collection of papers on many aspects of Logo, both technical and educational, was published between 1971 and 1981.

Logo Things
is a website maintained by Cynthia Solomon, who along with Seymour Papert and Wally Feurzeig, developed the first version of Logo and has been involved with Logo and constructionist learning environments ever since.

The Archive on this website has many other documents focusing on various aspects of the development of Logo.

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July 18-12

For many years, the Logo Summer Institute was in-person. For the past three years, it has been online via Zoom. For 2023 we'll have a combination of the two approaches, starting with a three-day online workshop focusing on presentations and discussions about constructionist technologies and teaching strategies. The following week will feature a three-day, in-person immersion in creative computing devoted to project development.

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