a virtual immersion in creative computing

July 26 - August 6, 2021

In the summer of 2020, this annual workshop was transformed into a virtual experience, conducted via Zoom and online discussion groups. We adjusted to the new format. This included supporting projects in physical computing and robotics via virtual and remote programming of robots, and free loans of equipment to use at home.

The 2021 Logo Summer Institute was also online with a flexible schedule over a two-week period. People participated from across the USA and abroad.

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A Conversation with Logo Foundation President Michael Tempel

RoboFun founder and CEO Laura Hart interviewed Logo Foundation President Michael Tempel on April 16. They talked about Logo as a philosophy of education as well as a programming language, and the origins of the Logo Foundation.

Michael recalled how he had become involved in educational computing after a dozen years as an elementary school teacher. In 1980 he began working with Seymour Papert to launch the Computers in Schools project, which brought Logo into the New York City Public Schools. In that same year, Papert’s highly influential book Mindstorms was published and widely read by teachers as they incorporated computers into their classrooms.

Michael and Laura reflected on how education and educational technology have evolved over the past 40 years, where we are today, and how the Logo Foundation continues to offer exceptional professional development experiences for teachers through the Logo Summer Institute and other workshops.

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