Seymour Papert
On Logo

In 1986 Seymour Papert, the "father of Logo," collaborated with award-winning filmmaker William Schwartz and Elizabeth Schwartz, who was Assistant Superintendent of the Ladue, Missouri School District, to produce Seymour Papert On Logo.

In this video series, Papert shares his vision of thinking, learning, and teaching in a computer culture, and also addresses technical issues about Logo and programming more generally. 



a virtual immersion in creative computing

July 20-31, 2020

The Logo Summer Institute is an online workshop in creative computing for K12 teachers, parents, and technology integrators.  It offers an opportunity to explore constructionist technologies and programmable learning environments.

For the past 40 years The Logo Summer Institutes have been face-to-face workshops providing a relaxed atmosphere with a small group of colleagues and a great deal of personal attention from experienced workshop leaders. The Covid-19 Pandemic requires some modifications. The 2020 Logo Summer Institute will be a virtual experience, conducted via Zoom and online discussion groups.

The fundamentals of the Logo Summer Institute will be the same as they have always been:
- a project-based approach that supports computational thinking, and STEAM learning and teaching.
- an individualized program that accommodates novices as well as more experienced participants, teachers of different subjects, those who teach in after-school programs and other informal settings as well as in classrooms, and teachers who are currently working in virtual classrooms.
- a model of how to organize teaching and curriculum; this year with an emphasis on remote teaching and learning strategies.

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