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The Logo Summer Institutes

The first Logo Summer Institutes was held in 1980 at the New York Academy of Sciences as part of the Computers in Schools project. Teachers from six New York City public schools spent two weeks learning Logo in preparation for bringing it into their classrooms during the 1980-1981 schools year.

Often a school or district would host a Logo Summer Institute for their teachers, sometimes also including guests. The St. Paul, Minnesota Public Schools held Logo Summer Institutes annually from 1981 through 1999 for teachers in the St. Paul Logo Project. Other Logo Summer Institutes, such as those in New York City, include teachers from many schools.

Over the years, the technology used in schools has changed. In the 1980s computers were big, bulky and not portable. Software and hardware options were limited and there was no Internet. But...


a virtual immersion in creative computing for K12 teachers, parents, and technology integrators
July 25 - 29, 2022

For more than 40 years, The Logo Summer Institutes have offered a relaxed atmosphere with small groups of colleagues and a great deal of personal attention from experienced workshop leaders. Our  individualized,  project-based approach supports computational thinking, and STEAM learning and teaching.

Explore and create with
  • Scratch, Snap!, TurtleArt and other programming languages
  • physical computing and robotics using Finch, Hummingbird, micro:bit and other platforms
  • 3D printing, laser etching and cutting, and embroidery

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