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Mihich, Orlando African Textiles or The Weaving Turtle abstract
Tempel, Michael Balance abstract
Tempel, Michael Blocks Programming abstract
Allen, Laura Cityscapes abstract
Tempel, Michael Constructionism in the Oilfield abstract
Tempel, Michael Conversations with Logo abstract
Silverman, Brian
Tempel, Michael
Creating a Logo Tool Box abstract
Tempel, Michael Easy as 1 1 2 2 3 abstract
Trocco, Thomas F. Egyptian Hieroglyphics and LogoWriter abstract
Tempel, Michael Event Programming abstract
Adamson, Eadie From Polygons to Functions to Orbits to Fractals abstract
Trocco, Thomas F. Full-Screen LogoWriter PrintShape Procedure abstract
Silverman, Brian
Tempel, Michael
Fuzzy Logo abstract
Tempel, Michael Logo: A Language for All Ages abstract
Tempel, Michael Logo and Telecommunications abstract
Kraft, Helen Logo Animals abstract
Tempel, Michael Logo Music Tools abstract
Resnick, Mitchel Logo Overnight abstract
Tempel, Michael Logo Summer Institutes abstract
Trocco, Thomas F. LogoWriter Ecology Simulation abstract
Einhorn, Susan MicroWorlds, Computational Thinking, and 21st Century Learning abstract
Papert, Seymour
Tempel, Michael
Rapping About Wrapping abstract
Tempel, Michael Reflections on Hour of Code abstract
Clements, Douglas H.
Meredith, Julie S.
Research on Logo: Effects and Efficacy abstract
Tempel, Michael
Chafiian, Hope, Berliner, Hilary, Nauman, Erik
Robo-Expo - A Soft Approach to Robotics Teaching and Learning abstract
Harvey, Brian Symbolic Programming vs. the A.P. Curriculum abstract
Vaikakul, Savalai Teaching A Turtle How to Spell abstract
Guzdial, Mark Teaching Programming with Music abstract
Kahn, Ken ToonTalk and Logo abstract
Boytchev, Pavel Very Logo Way abstract
Tempel, Michael Why Are We Doing This? abstract